Important Information

  • Before proceeding, we recommend that you carefully review the Emergency Grants Overview, Guidelines, Process, and FAQs on our website.
  • You will need to create a free Submittable account in order to submit an application. Here is a quick guide on how to get started.
  • You can save a draft of your application as you work.
  • You will get a confirmation email once you have submitted your application. Please make sure the email address you use to sign up for your Submittable account is one that you check regularly, and confirm that emails are not being directed to your spam folder or to your Other/Promotions tabs

Application Guidelines

We recommend applying 8 weeks before your presentation date. We review applications received within a shorter timeframe, but please keep in mind that you may not hear back from FCA until presentation of your project is underway.


Please carefully review the Emergency Grants Overview, Guidelines, and Process on our website before proceeding.

Work Sample Guidelines

Applicants are NOT expected to fill out every work sample section. You should submit samples based on your artistic discipline and medium. Follow the discipline-specific guidelines below for submitting samples, as well as the specifications on time-based work samples (if applicable). 

Dance and Performance Art/Theater

In the "Time-Based" section, provide at least two, full-length videos from works made in the past five years. If possible, include footage from the work for which you are requesting funds. Please do not submit trailers or reels. Current rehearsal footage is acceptable for one sample. Note title, date, venue, 1-2 lines of context, and cue points.


In the "Time-Based" section, please provide links for at least two complete works made in the past five years. Include the work for which you are requesting funds if possible. Note title, date, venue, 1-2 lines of context, and cue points.


Attach up to four pages in the "Writing" section. Note title, date, and 1-2 lines of context. You are also encouraged to provide a link to a live reading in the "Time-Based" section.

Visual Arts/Moving Image

Attach up to ten images in the "Images" section. If you work in film/video, include 2-3 video work samples with cue points in the "Time-Based" section. Provide title, year, medium, dimensions, and 1-2 lines of context.

For All Time-Based Work Samples

If you are submitting time-based works, please submit full-length work samples and identify 1-2 minute segments of each sample for the panel to review. This ensures that the panel sees sections of your work that you feel best highlight your artistic practice.

Please include any passwords and enable the "Download" option for all video and audio files. We recommend using Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, or SoundCloud, rather than YouTube.
We will not distribute your downloaded work samples publicly and we do not save them beyond our panel meetings. 


You may attach your budget in DOCX, PDF, or XLSX format, or enter it directly into the application. Budgets will vary depending on particular project needs.

We offer a budget template in Excel format to guide artists with making a budget. You are not required to use this format, but your budget must provide an itemized list of expenses AND committed or pending income/sources of support.

Eligible expenses may include, but are not limited to: materials, travel, artist and collaborator fees, documentation, fabrication, and production.

Income may include, but is not limited to: projected box office sales, venue support, crowdfunding campaigns, grants, etc. If you are contributing your own funds to create and present your work, please include that in the income section as well.

Please specify in your budget the expenses that you are requesting FCA funding to cover, in addition to whether income is confirmed or pending.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts